Factors to consider before purchasing a security camera for your outdoor CCTV system

The term CCTV means closed-circuit television. A CCTV is mainly used for surveillance and security reasons. A CCTV system consists of a camera, power supply and a digital video recorder commonly known as the DVR. A DVR is mainly used to store the data recorded by the camera. A camera is used in viewing what is happening within a given place. Putting an outdoor camera for the CCTV system is not an issue, but getting the right camera can be. Here are factors to consider before purchasing one:

1. Camera type

The type of camera to be used should be able to cover a large area, waterproof and poses an excellent night vision. Bullet cameras are always cylinder like in shape to accommodate infrared LED that helps the camera lens in night vision and covering a large area of around 300ft. For a weatherproof camera, it is best to use a professional box camera since it contains weatherproof enclosure for the housing of camera and its lens within and the weatherproof enclosure can be replaced in case it is damaged. Finally, in case you need a camera that can change direction view and zoom then the Pan Tilt Zoom camera is the one. These cameras have a special motorized zoom camera controlled from the recorder remotely.

2. Material

Cameras are either made of plastic or metal. For proper outdoor surveillance, a metal built camera is preferred. Most metal cameras are always vandal-resistant, and this can help make it difficult in case someone wants to interfere with it. Moreover, an excellent outdoor camera should be able to withstand rain, water or snow, and for that, it is preferred to go for one with at least a rating of IP66.

3. Camera resolution

Before getting a CCTV system, it is recommended to check the type of lens it has. The distance you need to be covered also maters. An analogue CCTV should have a resolution of around 800TVL and for this to happen a lens of 50mm zoom length can be significant. The type of lens can vary depending on the distance you want to be covered by the camera.

4. Others

Some other essential things to consider are the voltage, connection type and the cameras night vision. Most cameras used by the CCTV have a voltage of 12v in DC or 24v in AC. For night vision, an outdoor camera should have infrared LEDs around the lens for illumination in the darkness. The connection type should be BNC video, it’s the standard one, but for high definition, HDSDI or HDCVI is preferred.

With the above information, purchasing an outdoor camera for your CCTV system is made easy. Having the correct information on the type of camera to use, the material it is made off, its resolution power, voltage, its connection type, among others, getting the right one for you place CCTV system is quite an easy, simplified task.